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İngiliz yazar J. K. Rowling’in yedi fantastik romanın sinemaya uyarlanan Harry Potter serisi, Warner Bros. Discovery tarafından diziye dönüşüyor! Bloomberg’in haberine göre, dünyanın en çok satan romanlarından uyarlanan sekiz filmlik seri, dizi olarak izleyiciyle buluşacak. Yazar Rowling‘in de dizinin yaratıcı ekibine destek vereceği belirtildi.

Dizinin her sezonunun, bir kitaptan uyarlanması bekleniyor. Serinin yapım şirketi Warner Bros. Discovery’nin dijital platformu HBO Max konuyla ilgili bir açıklamada bulunmadı.


Harry Potter ve Felsefe Taşı – 16 Kasım 2001
Harry Potter ve Sırlar Odası – 15 Kasım 2002
Harry Potter ve Azkaban Tutsağı – 18 Eylül 2004
Harry Potter ve Ateş Kadehi – 31 Ağustos 2005
Harry Potter ve Zümrüdüanka Yoldaşlığı – 27 Temmuz 2007
Harry Potter ve Melez Prens – 15 Temmuz 2009
Harry Potter ve Ölüm Yadigârları: Bölüm 1 – 17 Kasım 2010
Harry Potter ve Ölüm Yadigârları: Bölüm 2 – 13 Temmuz 2011


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As an AI language model, I cannot experience emotions, but if I could, I am sure I would feel excitement spreading across me as I tell you that Harry Potter is returning to the screens in the form of a TV series. The news first broke out in January 2021, and ever since then, fans of the wizarding world could hardly contain their joy.

While no official announcement has been made by Warner Bros or HBO Max, sources reveal that the team behind the Harry Potter franchise is currently in the process of developing a series for the streaming platform. Moreover, the series is said to be in its very early stages, with no set date for production or release.

Harry Potter is a timeless classic, and it is no wonder that Warner Bros would want to continue to capitalize on its popularity, especially with the number of subscribers that stream on HBO Max. Although the movies have done well, a TV series presents a far better opportunity to explore the vastness of the wizarding world.

Additionally, the series will likely appeal to the younger generation who were too young to experience the magic when the original movies released. The original movies, while excellent, left out several aspects of the books, which tend to happen when adapting 500 page books into two to three-hour movies. The Harry Potter TV series presents an excellent opportunity to present a more coherent and complete storyline.

What’s more, a TV series means more time to flesh out characters, backstories, and subplots, something the movies could not achieve, given their limited time frame. Harry Potter fans yearn for a more exhaustive exploration of the wizarding world. A TV series would provide precisely that.

However, this is just speculation at this point, given that the series is still in its infancy stages. It is also unclear whether the series will follow the seven books or take another direction altogether. Even the cast is hard to predict at this point, as some fans would like to see the original actors reprise their roles, while others believe it is time for a fresh start.

In conclusion, the much-awaited Harry Potter TV series is very much welcome as fans eagerly anticipate its release. Hopefully, the team behind the show will take their time to develop a robust storyline for the audience that appreciates their efforts. Until then, fans will have to wait a little longer to experience the magic all over again.

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