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According to the news in the French press, Parisians went to vote “yes” or “no” to the electric scooter rental service at the polls set up at approximately 200 points in the city, at 09:00 to 19:00 local time.

In the referendum, which was held at the initiative of the municipality and in which 8 percent of the city residents participated, 89.3 percent came out “no”. Thus, Paris became the “first city in Europe to ban electric scooter rental services”.


Mayor Anne Hidalgo said on Twitter that more than 100,000 people voted, “This is a great victory for local democracy.” used the phrase.

Hidalgo shared the information that the ban will take effect until September 1.


Dott, Lime and Tier Mobility companies, which provide electric scooter rental services in Paris, criticized the referendum due to the low turnout and announced that the representation rate was not inclusive.

The companies argued that around 400 thousand users will be affected by the ban every month.

The French have made up their mind about electric scooters - 2


Although 2.5 million people a year benefit from the electric scooter service in France, scooters were reacted on the grounds that they were left on the streets and obstructed pedestrian crossings.

Electric scooters, mostly preferred by young people and tourists, were also involved in accidents.

In addition to scooters in the city, bicycle stands out as the most preferred two-wheeled means of transportation in daily life.

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Paris has become the first city in Europe to ban electric scooter rental services, with 89.3% of voters rejecting their continued use in a recent referendum. The poll was held at 200 points across the French capital and just 8% of residents participated. Mayor Anne Hidalgo described the result as “a great victory for local democracy”. The ban will be in place until 1 September. Around 2.5 million people a year are estimated to use e-scooters in France, but they have been criticised for being left in streets and obstructing pavements.

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